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OREA/TREB Real Estate Software Ontario

OREA/TREB Real Estate Software Ontario

QuickOffer 2015 for Ontario is now here with Member forms from OREA, TREB, and OREB. QuickOffer contains new functionality like deleting Rebuild History and a new feature for getting reminders sent to your cell phone. QuickOffer is designed with generic forms technology that allows forms to be updated in seconds, always stay updated with new features, updated clauses, updated templates, and this software is now available for the low price of $29.98 for OREA and TREB board members.

For easy editing all documents are generated in Microsoft Word!

Inside QuickOffer you will find many amazing classic features, new features and tools that will easily and quickly help you get your documents completed:


New Features (Word Menu and Scanning Documents)
Easily access QuickOffer from a Microsoft Word Menu and Scan documents from other Brokers.

Using our menu you can now easily load new forms, insert clauses, get access to all your forms, and even scan an open document that another broker sends you that was generated by QuickOffer.

This scanning feature removes the need to re-type information that has already been typed even by Realtors from another brokerage. Another great feature that saves you time and keeps you up to date with technology.

Drag and Drop Drag and Drop Clauses
Easily add clauses to documents
Using our Insert Clauses form you can see all your standard and broker clauses and easily drag and drop them to any location within any document.
NOTE: This also works with your networked clauses.

Reminder Tool
This powerful reminder application can remind you of your Irrevocability dates, your appointments, to anything not even pertaining to an offer. Reminders will be displayed on screen and can be emailed to you or even be sent to your cell phone via SMS Text Message.

This featured tool that comes with QuickOffer will save you many errors of missed appointments and give you that peace of mind.

Reminder Tool

Have a large organization? You can share your broker clauses and rebuild data, learn how.

All QuickOffer help, manuals, demos, and FAQs can be found on our QuickOffer Support page.

Having trouble with the install or any technical issues? Visit our Knowledge base to see if we can help.
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